Hardware v2

Integrated Customer Display ScreensIntegrated Customer Display Screens

Radiant registers have the option to add full motion customer display screen interfaces to enhance your shopper’s point-of-sale (POS) experience. Customers can view ticket items as they are entered in real-time, resulting in increased ticket accuracy. Advertising specials and promotions can also be shown to customers at the time of purchase. Never has it been easier to advertise and entertain your customers all at the same time from the point-of-sale checkout area.

Mobile Scanners for CounterPointSQL Inventory ManagementMobile Scanners for CounterPointSQL Inventory Management

Mobile scanners are perfect for physical inventory count. Scanners are able to receive inventory at the receiving dock, print labels automatically, look up item data on-the-fly, transfer inventory to another store location, assign inventory to bins, and can help to eliminate long lines at the point-of-sale register. These capabilities have been directly integrated with CounterPointSQL.

Card Swipers with Signature CaptureCard Swipers with Signature Capture

Over 300,000 terminals are used by major retailers in every industry for electronic signatures and debit PIN entry. Credit / debit card terminals can display line pricing and ticket totals. The electric pen provides the most accurate signature capture possibilities. The large terminal display optimizes the delivery of value-added marketing and consumer payments. The card swiper terminal’s full glass screen promotes long lasting reliability and readability, while eliminating the need for screen protectors.


Scanners with a high-performance processor and innovative 100-line rastering omni-directional scan pattern let you quickly capture bar codes no matter what their orientation, allowing your store clerks to speed up checkout times, keep lines short, and more importantly keep customers satisfied. Scanners can easily switch between handheld and hands-free so your employees do not need to lift heavy objects – helping them avoid injury.

CPSQL Point-of-Sale ServersCPSQL Point-of-Sale Servers

Custom point-of-sale (POS) servers are available to match your specific business process and volume needs with the unique and powerful capabilities of CounterPointSQL. We include Dual-Core processors with redundant data storage, remote off-site backup options, and dual power supplies to ensure maximum uptime. CPSQL Servers are supported by Radiant Systems nationwide service and support coverage.

CPSQL Thin Client SystemsCPSQL Thin Client Systems

Connecting to your CounterPoint SQL Managed Hosting Service has never been easier and more efficient thanks to thin client technology. Now your company can have the power of a complete computer system without the normal hardware bulk by creating a dependable client-server architecture network with the CPSQL Thin Client Series. The CPSQL thin client systems are quieter, put out less heat, and use 80% less power. Not only is the energy consumption smaller, but so are the physical dimensions.

CPSQL Price Checking SystemCPSQL Price Checking System

Improve customer service and the customer experience with the latest innovation in self-service technology, Motorola’s MK500 Micro Kiosk. This compact, easy-to-install, and affordable device allows retailers to put the power of self-service in every aisle or department. No matter where in the store your customers might be, help is never more than a few steps away. Customers can easily check price and inventory. Coming soon – the option to check gift card balances, look up loyalty point balances, determine the location of a product, and call for assistance — all with the scan of a bar code or press of a button or touchpad.

Custom Point-of-Sale Retail and Wholesale Hardware ConfigurationsCustom Point-of-Sale Retail and Wholesale Hardware Configurations

Each retailer and wholesaler require different hardware to work with varying store environments and space limitations. Radiant’s CounterPoint hardware offers a variety of special custom system options to fit the exact business and industry specification you and your company require. From stand-alone kiosk terminals to a variety of other custom hardware setups, Radiant’s CounterPoint system has a hardware solution for your specific business and company needs.