Our CEO – Jim-Barry Behar

As a teenager, I was enrolled in a work experience program that first opened my eyes to opportunities in the tech industry when it wasn’t even called that. The program led me to work for a brilliant attorney who talked a lot about automation, and together, we were able to take what was essentially a word processor and turn it into a Trust Accounting ledger for client activity. We also developed thousands of merge documents that fed off of the same client activity to create entire case documents in minutes instead of hours.

While in college, I custom-designed an Inventory Management Solution and Accounting Package for my family’s wholesale clothing business in Downtown Miami, which furthered my interest in developing and implementing software solutions for others. I custom-programmed solutions for various other wholesalers and retailers, and during the Y2K non-event, I discovered it was smarter to work with the wheel rather than constantly reinvent it. It was at this time I shifted focus to become a Value Added Reseller for a Point of Sale software that could be easily customized.

Ultimately, through the evolution of the IT industry, from Value Added Reseller (VAR) to a modern-day Technology Solution Provider (TSP) and Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Consultancy, I now lead the team at Relentless Solutions which thrives by meeting the needs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) by providing technology solutions that are tailored to the customers’ exacting requirements.

Currently, development is more about integration than full-scale, and with the advent of API’s, low-code/no-code solutions, one thing remains constant: customer’s needs evolve as do the systems, and making them seamlessly communicate is still what I’m passionate about. The years of experience help bring solutions to life for customers to be more efficient and therefore profitable.

My love for all things technology is as strong as it ever was, and today’s fast pace evolution helps me make the solutions provided better than ever.

Speaking Engagements

Jim-Barry is extremely passionate about sharing his ideas about business processes, efficiency, profitability, and tackling a variety of problems or circumstances with an innovative, solution-oriented approach. He has a different perspective on life than most and has a knack for getting people excited about technology or eliminating their obstacles.

If you are a conference organizer, university, or school, Jim-Barry is excited to share his knowledge and passion for the technology industry through speaking engagements. Jim-Barry can individually or collaboratively design a presentation or interactive discussion that will best fit the intended audience.

If you would like Jim-Barry to appear as a speaker for your event, send us your information below.

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