NCR Counterpoint Hosting On Microsoft Azure

Your business deserves the power of a full-featured Point Of Sale software solution that allows you maximum control over your data, so you can exert maximum control over your business, and the hosting solution giving you the power of cloud computing providing availability and scalable performance with load-balanced virtual machines.

Powerful tools to extend and enhance your business

Why Cloud Host Your NCR Counterpoint?

Mobile computing is permeating the globe, altering workflows, communication patterns, and how we consume content. Implementing your NCR Counterpoint on Microsoft Azure gives greater flexibility and insight into making well-informed  business decisions. With the built in industry-specific compliance standards, Azure provides a multi-layered approach to security and eliminates up-front hardware costs and license complexity. 

Networking servers

Manage your business with profitable mobility with NCR Counterpoint on Microsoft Azure

NCR Connect

Sized For Your Operation

We only give you what you need. When you grow we have the flexibility to expand your cloud footprint on-demand.

NCR retail

Remote Access From Anywhere

The benefit to going to the cloud is accessing your servers and applications from anywhere. Let our experts monitor and manage your private infrastructure.

Always Secure, Always Available

Business continuity is a necessity in this fact-paced world.  Never having to worry that your system is at risk allows your to focus on more important things.

NCR Mobile

Cloud Computing

It is important for your business to start preparing now to shift your NCR Counterpoint to Microsoft Azure. Don’t be limited by what’s available from a particular provider. Relentless Solutions can help you make the transition to the cloud easier.

Relentless: steady + persistent; unremitting

showing no abatement of intensity, strength or pace