NCR Counterpoint

A full-featured Point Of Sale software solution for retailers and wholesalers that
allows you maximum control over your data, so you can exert maximum control over your business

Why choose Counterpoint?

CUSTOMIZE nearly every aspect of your system.

OPTIMIZE the system to track purchasing information that is relevant to your trade.

ENHANCE your business with inventory management software, streamlined accounting and configurable reporting capabilities.

INCREASE profitability with built-in customer loyalty option and email marketing campaigns.

Powerful tools to extend and enhance your business

POS Functions

 Configurable, user-friendly touchscreen

 Offline mode, sell without an internet connection

 Mobile Point of Sale, sell from anywhere

 Gift card and store credit

 Orders, backorders and special orders

 Layaways, discounts and validated returns

 Extensive promotional pricing, like BOGO

 Cash drop and cash loans

 Pay in, pay out and pay on account

point of sale, retail wholesale technology, inventory management, inventory control


 In-depth reporting on inventory history, sales and availability

 Serial number tracking

 Unlimited barcoding

 Purchasing advice and forecasting functionality


 Mobile physical count

 Grid items- track single items under multiple attributes such as size and color

 Bar code label printing

 Track by category, subcategories, attributes and profiles


 Gather all personal information

 Tracking by category and sub categories

 Special pricing

 Loyalty program

 Gift registries

 E-commerce integration

 E-mail marketing with success tracking

 Accounts receivable

Teamwork Retail Cloud-Based Point of Sale, Retail, Cash Wrap, Cashier, Register, Payment


 Role-based security profiles for POS and System functions

 Customized menus for individual employees

 Time card tracking

 Swipe to logon

 Sales by employee

 Commissions tracking

 Message center for employee correspondence

 Security overrides


 Eliminate repetitive manual reports, calculations and spreadsheets

 Color coding of reports

 Automated reporting with optional email delivery and archiving

 Define and capture customer specific information for special orders

 Define and capture company specific item or customer attributes

 Build aggregations to make complex reports run quickly and accurately

 Build bolt-on solutions to integrate with external business applications

Introducing NCR Secure Pay

PCI-DSS compliant & secure payment processing for NCR Counterpoint
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Token Replacement

A token replaces sensitive credit card data with an encrypted code in its place.  Authorized users can access the information as needed for returns while maintaining a protected system.


Point-to-Point Encryption

Encrypts sensitive credit card data from the moment the card is swiped by your customer, minimizing the risk of unauthorized users scraping that credit card data from your database memory.

Manage your business with profitable And practical marketing and mobile tools

NCR Connect

Customer Connect

Powerful marketing tools gathered from customer category traits.  Target emails to specific group of customers, create recurring email campaigns, and track the success of campaigns with intelligent reporting.

NCR retail

NCR Retail Online

Seamless eCommerce integration with your retail management system means less administration for your staff. Changes made in Counterpoint automatically transferred to your linked online store every 15-30 minutes.

Smart Alerts

A mobile alerting tool that allows you to keep an eye on your business when you are not able to be there. Security, sales and customer service alerts, and daily figures can be sent directly to you by email or text message.

NCR Mobile

Counterpoint Mobile

Sell from anywhere anytime with the most modern of technologies.  Use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, even without an internet connection. Take your mobile store to events, sidewalks sales, and trade shows.

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