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  Food Stamps with EBT Capabilities
 Mobile Alerting Apps

 Sell Items by Weight
 Track Food Items

 Full Barcode Support
 BOGO, Mix and Match, special, promotional, and location pricing rules

Food Stamps with EBT Capabilities

EBT Food Stamps can be accepted for all items identified as eligible. Refunds can also be issued to EBT accounts when eligible items have been returned.

EBT allows recipients of Federal Food Stamp Program benefits to transfer their benefits to retailers as payment for groceries or other eligible items. EBT replaces traditional paper food stamps with magnetic-stripe cards that are processed like debit cards, eliminating the labor involved in handling paper food stamps and automating the payment and settlement process.

Counterpoint allows you to accept EBT food stamps in regular Ticket Entry or Touchscreen Ticket Entry for items you have identified as eligible. You can also issue refunds to EBT accounts for the return of eligible items.


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Mobile Alerting Apps

Receive alerts via text or email to keep track of a store’s activities at all times.

Text or email alerts allow you to keep track of activities in your store at all times. Be instantly alerted to potentially fraudulent situations, store operations, and see daily sales figures. Now you can be all places at once.

Your business depends on your customers. Stay connected to sales activities that affect your customer service.

Receive alerts around sales reps activity, including opening the store, when the rep has logged into the system, a review of pending orders, and notifications of large sales or refunds.


Sell Items By Weight

NCR Counterpoint provides a powerful grocery store POS system. Our retail point of sale solution features functionality designed specifically for the specialty food industry including support for catering and bulk items stocked by weight.

Sell items by ounces or pounds using the scale interface included.

Weigh produce and bulk foods using our scale interface to charge by the pound or ounce. Tare weight functionality allows you to charge for the actual product weight.

With a specialty grocery POS system, increase speed at checkout by printing random weight barcodes from stations around your store.


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