Standard Features

Explore the features that come standard for any industry.

Point of Sale
  • Ticket entry and offline ticket entry (touchscreen or non-touchscreen) 
  • Gift registries 
  • Orders, backorders, special orders, and layaways 
  • Built-in reloadable gift cards and store credits 
  • 3rd party stored value cards 
  • Optional offline capabilities gives merchants the ability to seamlessly transact at off-site events and/or utilize portable kiosks 
  • Easy touchscreen training for new employees 
  • Customer-facing displays – 2×20 or full-color display for great ROI including selling ad space to vendors or promote special or future events 
  • Optional Customer Kiosk and Digital Display Integration 
  • Increase speed at the point of sale – 2-second credit card authorization 
  • 2-second credit card authorization for long lines filled with customers (Fast checkout) 
  • Validate returns 
  • Detailed history for customers, vendors, items, and transactions 
  • Manage sales, returns, orders, backorders, layaways, and special requests all on the same ticket 
  • Modern payment devices with EMV and contactless capabilities 
  • PCI compliant with optional PCI-ready through Bluefin with certified devices 
  • Inventory Control/Management 
  • Multi-store, multi-location inventory including transfers and visibility across the chain 
  • Review on-hand quantities, estimated costs, and total retail value for each item 
  • Labels allows you to create and print labels for merchandise and supports barcode printing 
  • Bill of materials and quick assemblies 
  • Sales kits 
  • Mix and match, BOGO, special, promotional, contract, and location pricing rules
  • Unlimited customers with unlimited ship-to addresses per customer 
  • Optional accounts receivable with finance charges and statements 
  • Loyalty programs 
  • Account management
  • Unlimited vendors 
  • Unlimited vendor items per item 
  • Automated purchasing by replenishment, min/max, history, and forecasts 
  • Receiving with or without a PO 
  • Return to vendor (RTV) 
  • Accounts payable integration
Sales History
  • Calculate sales commissions for each item on the sales ticket based on either the sale amount or the gross profit 
  • Monitor the productivity of sales reps in units and dollars sold per hour 
  • Flash sales 
  • Sales tax reporting 
  • Merchandise and sales analysis by group 
  • Reports by item or by customer or by sales rep 
  • Virtually thousands of reports depending on parameters and filters
  • Extensive item attributes to sync with your favorite ECommerce platform 
  • REST API for order and customer integration and real-time inventory
  • Employee timecards with export capability 
  • Keyword lookups simplify finding data throughout the system 
  • Easy integration with QuickBooks for Accounts Payable and General Ledger 
  • Other accounting integrations available including Sage and Microsoft 
  • Powerful reporting based on Crystal Reports 
  • Powerful import and export capabilities for all database objects
  • Highly customizable system
  • POS and system security per user or group
  • Cloud-based Database optional with SaaS
  • CP Mobile – iOS Point of Sale, item look up, physical count, and receiving
    • Integrates with handheld data collectors for the physical count, receiving, ordering and transferring inventory, by size/color, with a simple barcode scan
  • Customer Connect Email Marketing – track customers purchases to send targeted emails
  • Smart Alerts – monitor store operations, stay up-to-date with notifications of all sales activities, get alerts of potential fraudulent transactions

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